2007 Economic Report of the President

The Council of Economic Advisers has released their 2007 Economic Report of the President.

NetBank increased CD rates

NetBank has increased their CD rates and now offers the following competitive rates: NetBank CDs Rate APY* 6-Month CD 5.31% 5.45% 1-Year CD 5.35% 5.50% 18-Month CD 5.31% 5.45% 2-Year CD 5.31% 5.45% 3-Year CD 5.26% 5.40% 4-Year CD 5.26% 5.40% 5-Year CD 5.26% 5.40%

Closed-end Funds have been on a roll

A good article in Barron’s on the recent run in closed-end funds. Discounts to NAV have been decreasing with many funds now sporting a premium. Even apart from this irrational exuberance, between the Dow hovering near a record and discounts shrinking, cheap closed-end funds are tough to find. The Herzfeld Closed-End Fund Average, which is charted with [...]

Fed Funds Futures – No change in March

The following graph shows the liklihood (percentage) of the following fed funds rate outcomes in March 2007. This chart is based on contracts traded thru 2/7/2007. Updates to this chart can be found here.

S&P 500 PE Ratios by top 10 deciles

Ticker Sense has put together an interesting chart of the S&P 500 index breaking it up into 10 deciles. As you have most likely heard, large caps have the lowest PE ratios in the index. As small caps have outperformed large caps over the last several years, the valuations of large cap stocks relative to [...]

January retail sales data

The Wall Street Journal website has a sortable table listing same-store year-over-year sales changes.

New York – 6.25% 10-year CD

Folks in New York have a 10-year 6.25% promotional CD available to them from an FDIC insured bank. The bank is Ridgewood Savings Bank and they are offering the 10-year IRA CD rate on new deposits at a minimum of $2k. Remember that FDIC insurance should cover up to $250,000 of IRA deposits now so you [...]

Bloomberg’s Caroline Baum on the Treasury Yield Curve

As usual, Caroline presents a concise summary of the current state of the Treasury Yield Curve and what it “means” for investors (click here to read full article). The yield curve is partly a reflection of expectations. For example, why would an investor be willing to accept a 4.76 percent return for 10 years when [...]

Economic statistics

Are you looking for a hard-to-find economic statistic and not finding it?  The EconStats website may just be the place for you. Lots of data & links are provided for just about every economic indicator on the planet.

Interest rates & stock market returns

Eddy over at CrossingWallStreet did an analysis of rising/falling/steady bond yields and the return of the broad U.S. stock market. If we isolate just those days when the T-bill rate fell, the S&P 500 was up a cumulative total of 2,537.0%, which is about 17.4% annualized. For the days when the yield was unchanged, the S&P [...]

Don’t forget about your Telephone Excise Tax Refund

In 2006, all taxpayers are eligible for the Telephone Excise Tax Refund. You can read the IRS information regarding this refund to claim yours.

CD Scam? Be wary of high-yield Internet offers

Interesting article about high-yield investment offers online. Read it here