Countrywide 4.2% APY 1-year CD

Countrywide Bank is offering a 1-year CD with a 4.2% APY. The minimum is $10,000. As with all CDs, keep purchases within the FDIC limits.

Patelco Credit Union – 12month CD 4.07% APY

The Patelco Credit Union is offering a special 12 month CD with 4.07% APY with a $1000 minimum. According to Patelco website’s eligibility requiements page, anyone can join the Patelco credit union by first joining the California Association for Older Americans.

April 2nd – What we’re reading…

Google Finance has a stockscreener Money Funds are rising Mortgage securities back the Fed’s loan to Bear Is the worst over for homebuilders?

April edition online

The April 2008 edition of the Brinker Fixed Income Advisor was published online today – April 1st.