The creation of money

Must read content on how money is created from James Hamilton at his Econbrowser blog.

To follow what’s happened over the last 6 weeks, it’s necessary to add a few details to this basic story. For day-to-day fine-tuning of interest rates and the money supply, the Fed usually does not use outright purchases of Treasury securities, but is more likely instead to rely on repurchase agreements, or repos. A repo is a short-term loan, often overnight or for just a few days, made by the Fed through a private securities dealer, which the Fed again provides by creating new reserves at the dealer’s bank. As collateral for the loan, the Fed temporarily takes possession of high-quality securities. A few days later, the securities are returned to the original owner and the reserves come back to the Fed. Although its effects are strictly temporary, on any given day the Fed’s outstanding repos have created reserves and thus potential dollars in circulation.

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