What is in your toolbox?

I am often asked which websites & tools I use the most online. Its a hard question because it is always changing – and I have no doubt that I’ll be using different tools in six months. In any event, below are the tools I use most frequently on a daily basis:

1) MS Outlook – scheduling, e-mail, contact management

2) iPhone 3G – bloomberg, google mobile/reader, twitterific, nytimes,

3) TD Ameritrade command center 2.0 w/ streaming level II + charting on multi-monitor display

4) Google Reader – spend a lot of time consuming material via this tool – read hundreds of RSS feeds from a wide variety of content providers. The way I consume this is somewhat unique. I like consistency much more than accuracy. I gain as much from folks that are consistently WRONG, as I do from folks that are consistently RIGHT. I like to challenge my thinking, and consuming others content is the best way I know of to do this.

5) Twitter – I am still uncovering the appropriate use of this tool – but I am hooked and see it as an integral part of communications going forward. You can follow me @bfia

6) WordPress – simply the best online publishing tool I have ever seen. I publish to the FixedIncomeAdvisor.com site using Windows Live Writer on my laptop or via the WordPress admin interface. I can also publish on the iPhone using the WordPress iPhone tool

7) For charting, I generally use the Yahoo! interactive charts + also use Stockcharts. Both are solid, fast, and easy to read.

8) As a longtime technology developer, I continue to use Microsoft tools for web development. Primarily I use Visual Web Developer 2008 and SQL Server Manager. I host my dedicated servers at ThePlanet in Texas. Everything works reliably & quickly.

9) Most of my writing & publishing is done using Microsoft Office using a combo of MS Word and MS Excel. There is a tremendous amount of economic data available online from sources such as: BEA, BLS, CBOE, Cleveland Fed, St Louis Fed, U.S. Treasury, and more.

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