Merrill Lynch 6-month CD offering 5.5% APY

Merrill Lynch has announced a special CD promotion on a 6-month CD paying 5.5% APY. Below are some additional details:

Get a high-rate Merrill Lynch Bank CD
A high-rate Merrill Lynch Bank six-month Certificate of Deposit is a smart, short-term choice for your money. Three-month CDs are also available at 5.25% APY (5.15% interest rate). Minimum investment is $25,000 with the security of FDIC insurance, up to applicable limits. Funds must come from sources other than an existing Merrill Lynch relationship.

Add to that 15,000 Merrill Points
Here’s the smartest part: When you open a CD, you’ll also receive 15,000 Merrill Points redeemable for outstanding rewards from the finest names in shopping, dining, entertainment and travel, for opening and using a no-annual-fee MERRILL+® Visa® credit card* for qualifying purchases.**

But hurry — this offer expires by March 9, 2007, at 2pm EST. Call (866) 760-4059, 8am-8pm EST Monday-Friday or submit the form on the right to learn how to purchase a Merrill Lynch Bank Certificate of Deposit.

New brokerage accounts require additional processing time (minimum 48 hours). Please plan accordingly to take advantage of these offers. All CDs settle the Wednesday following the week of purchase. Contact your Financial Advisor for exact dates.

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