Bernanke speech … my observations

Today in Washington, D.C. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke gave a speech on the economic outlook and macroeconomic policy. Below are my observations from that speech: recovery appears to be strengthening – but not enough to bring the level of job creation necessary recovery is shifting into self-sustaining mode (out of gov’t stimulus mode) housing sector […]

Jeremy Grantham

This 30 minute interview with Jeremy Grantham is one of the smartest I have seen recently. Watch it!

Savings Bonds? Remove the limits!

Today, the U.S. Treasury announced the updated Series I and Series EE Savings Bond rates. Series EE savings bonds purchased between November 2009 and May 2010 will earn a 1.2% fixed rate.  Series I Bonds purchased between November 2009 and May 2010 will earn a 3.36% annualized composite rate. The I Bonds composite rate consists […]

Stimulus Bill

The New York Times has a list of the major provisions in the most recent stimulus bill expected to be passed by the House and Senate on Friday. Here are a few key items: Income Tax credit of $400 for individuals / $800 married couples. Phases out on income over $75,000 for individuals / $150,000 […]

U.S. Treasury refunding – 50 year bond possible

The Treasury Department announced another record quarterly refunding today. This surge in supply has forced some notable changes to the auction schedule. The Treasury will revive the 7-year note on a monthly basis. In addition, the Treasury will auction more 30-year bonds on a quarterly basis. Other ideas being considered for the future are introducing […]

U.S. Public Debt

The total public debt outstanding has been growing at an accelerating rate the past several months. As of February 2nd, the total public debt outstanding was $10,667,963,268,393.28 (yes, that is ten point six trillion dollars). The figures have become so big that most citizens cannot comprehend them. Another way to illustrate the recent increase in […]

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA)

A few sites are summarizing the bill… WSJ – via Nancy Pelosi’s office WSJ Summary Washington Post summary CNN has a current draft of the Bill in PDF form