3.04% APY Certificate Offer at Pentagon Federal

We wanted to take a moment to alert you to a special CD offer that caught our attention this morning. As of December 1st, Pentagon Federal Credit Union is offering a 5-year Certificate with an APY of 3.04%. The minimum deposit is $1,000. This is 1% more than the nearest competitor and we do not […]

Zero Nada Nil …. or 1.5% ?

For conservative investors, now is about the most difficult time ever to earn a safe return on your cash. Short-term Treasuries offer almost no return. Savings accounts, Money Markets, even CDs are offering extremely low rates. Many investors will receive monthly statements showing a 0% return for their money market account in January and a […]

Clear Sky Accounts CD

Chesapeake Bank, through their Clear Sky Accounts website, is offering some attractive short-term CD rates: According to their website, Chesapeake Bank participates in the FDIC’s Transaction Account Guarantee Program.

CD note

You have probably noticed that CD rates are declining due to lower interest rates. Still, they offer some of the best fixed income returns available. With up to $250,000 in FDIC insurance, CDs offer conservative investors a safe place to wait out the credit crisis. One of the most attractive CDs presently available comes from […]

FDIC Insurance

If you are purchasing CDs in this turbulent environment, you want to be sure that you have adequate FDIC insurance on your accounts. The FDIC has created a special website to help you do this:  myFDICinsurance.gov The site includes an easy to use calculator to help you determine whether your accounts are covered. Give it […]

5% CDs

Attention Fixed Income Investors! Today, Pentagon Federal Credit Union reintroduced their 5% APY CDs available in 3-year, 4-year, 5-year and 7-year terms. In addition, Washington Mutual (recently purchase by JP Morgan Chase), continues to offer 5% CDs for both 12-month and 13-month terms. PedFed CDs are backed by the NCUA and the WaMu CDs are […]

High yielding CD update

3 – month 3.55% @ Nexity Bank 3.51% @ E-LOAN 6 – month 3.75% @ Countrywide 3.75% @ Corus Bank 1 – year 4.1% @ GMAC 4.1% @ IndyMac 4.1% @ Countrywide 2 – year 4.25% @ Countrywide 3 – year 4.5% @ Countrywide 4.25% @ Capital One Bank 4 – year 4.75% @ Capital […]

April 10th – What we’re reading…

Lehman Brothers bailed out 5 short-term debt funds Senate passes housing aid package 84-12 Volcker Decries Fed Response to ‘Mother of All Crises’ March retail sales flat Countrywide is still offering a 1-year CD with a 4.20% APY. A $10k min purchase is required. We recommend keeping all CD purchases within FDIC insurance limits.

Countrywide 4.2% APY 1-year CD

Countrywide Bank is offering a 1-year CD with a 4.2% APY. The minimum is $10,000. As with all CDs, keep purchases within the FDIC limits.

Patelco Credit Union – 12month CD 4.07% APY

The Patelco Credit Union is offering a special 12 month CD with 4.07% APY with a $1000 minimum. According to Patelco website’s eligibility requiements page, anyone can join the Patelco credit union by first joining the California Association for Older Americans.

FDIC questions

The Wall Street Journal online has a good FDIC Mythbusters article. Another good resource is the FDIC website.

5.6% 10-month CD at World Savings

World Savings is offering a 5.6% 10-month Internet CD for new money.  You can view their ad here. There is a 10K min & 100K max.  The CD is FDIC insured. Great Rate — Guaranteed Earnings Earn one of the highest CD yields available — significantly more than the competition — just by opening your […]

5.75% 8-month CD special in California

Wachovia is promoting an 8-month CD special rate to residents of California in today’s paper.  You can view the ad online here.

Best CD Rates available

Here is a summary of the highest yielding CD rates available at the moment… Superior Savings of New England has a 5.6% APY 6-month CD Pentagon Federal Credit Union has the following CD (they call them Money Market Certificates): 3 & 4 years @ 5.5% APY 5 years @ 5.75% 7 years @ 6% Anyone can join […]

Merrill Lynch 6-month CD offering 5.5% APY

Merrill Lynch has announced a special CD promotion on a 6-month CD paying 5.5% APY. Below are some additional details: Get a high-rate Merrill Lynch Bank CD A high-rate Merrill Lynch Bank six-month Certificate of Deposit is a smart, short-term choice for your money. Three-month CDs are also available at 5.25% APY (5.15% interest rate). […]