Zero Nada Nil …. or 1.5% ?

For conservative investors, now is about the most difficult time ever to earn a safe return on your cash. Short-term Treasuries offer almost no return. Savings accounts, Money Markets, even CDs are offering extremely low rates. Many investors will receive monthly statements showing a 0% return for their money market account in January and a […]

Taxable-Equivalent Yield

One of the most common decisions investors have to make is whether to hold their money market and bond funds in a taxable or tax-exempt money market accounts. Recently, the Vanguard Group created an easy to use Taxable-Equivalent Yield Calculator to assist investors facing this decision. It requires you to know 2 things: 1) which […]

Taxable or Tax-Exempt Money Market?

A glance at the Vanguard website shows that tax-exempt money markets are once again very attractive relative to their taxable brethren. Today, the Vanguard Prime Money Market has a 7-day yield of 3.58%. The Vanguard Tax-Exempt Money Market has a 7-day yield of 3.30%. The 3.3% tax-exempt yield translates into the following tax-equivalent yields: 25% […]

Best CD Rates available

Here is a summary of the highest yielding CD rates available at the moment… Superior Savings of New England has a 5.6% APY 6-month CD Pentagon Federal Credit Union has the following CD (they call them Money Market Certificates): 3 & 4 years @ 5.5% APY 5 years @ 5.75% 7 years @ 6% Anyone can join […]