Taxable or Tax-Exempt Money Market?

A glance at the Vanguard website shows that tax-exempt money markets are once again very attractive relative to their taxable brethren. Today, the Vanguard Prime Money Market has a 7-day yield of 3.58%. The Vanguard Tax-Exempt Money Market has a 7-day yield of 3.30%. The 3.3% tax-exempt yield translates into the following tax-equivalent yields: 25% […]

ETF or No-load Mutual Fund ?

The Wall Street Journal has done some excellent analysis comparing the after-tax returns of ETFs versus low cost no-load mutual funds. The results may surprise you. A Close Race, a Surprising Finish Against Sleek ETF Rivals, Top Index Mutual Funds Use Ultra-Low Costs To Gain Performance Edge By IAN SALISBURY May 7, 2007; Page R1

Morningstar’s Fixed Income Manager of the Year nominees

We noticed today that 2 of Morningstar’s 5 nominees for Fixed Income Manager of the Year 2007 are managers of no-load mutual funds included in our Brinker Fixed Income Advisor Model Portfolios.  These include the duo of Dan Fuss and Kathleen Gaffney at the Loomis Sayles Bond Fund as well as Thomas Soviero at the Fidelity […]

Our 2007 Income Top Pick for the Dick Davis Income Digest

Below is the entry we submitted today:  Our 2007 Income Top Pick is the Dodge & Cox Income fund (DODIX).  This no-load mutual fund invests in a mixture of securities including U.S. Treasuries, mortgage bonds and corporate bonds. Fund managers have wisely kept the fund’s duration relatively low in recent years and the fund is currently […]