ETF performance

Bespoke Investment Group has a chart of the day’s ETF performance

2nd Quarter and YTD performance

Nice work by Bespoke Investment Group to put together this chart of ETF performance.

ETF or No-load Mutual Fund ?

The Wall Street Journal has done some excellent analysis comparing the after-tax returns of ETFs versus low cost no-load mutual funds. The results may surprise you. A Close Race, a Surprising Finish Against Sleek ETF Rivals, Top Index Mutual Funds Use Ultra-Low Costs To Gain Performance Edge By IAN SALISBURY May 7, 2007; Page R1

Barron’s article on fixed-income ETFs

Here is a good Barron’s article discussing the progress made this year on many new fixed income ETFs.

100 Free Trades

Wells Fargo is promoting its latest offer to investors of 100 commission-free online trades each year. Expect to see competition heat up from other online brokers as the costs of trading continue to plumet. There is also talk of comission-free ETF trades from a variety of online brokerages. This removes the major disadvantage of ETFs […]

Four new Vanguard fixed income ETFs

Vanguard has announced four new low-cost fixed income ETFs that correspond to four of their existing no-load bond index funds. Each of these will have an expense ratio of 0.11%. The four new ETFs are: Total Bond Market ETF Short-Term Bond ETF Intermediate-Term Bond ETF Long-Term Bond ETF

Eight new fixed income ETFs

Eight new fixed income ETFs have begun trading from iShares. The are: iShares Lehman Short Treasury Bond Fund (SHV) iShares Lehman 3-7 Year Treasury Bond Fund (IEI) iShares Lehman 10-20 Year Treasury Bond Fund (TLH) iShares Lehman 1-3 Year Credit Bond Fund (CSJ) iShares Lehman Intermediate Credit Bond Fund (CIU) iShares Lehman Credit Bond Fund […]