Gas prices

Barry at The Big Picture has a good post with graphs illustrating how high gas prices are relative to previous cycles. We are almost near the inflation-adjusted peak from 1981 of $3.31.

Bespoke updates us on the yield curve

Bespoke investment group provides us with an update on the yield curve.

New closed-end funds on the cheap

Barron’s Online has an excellent article detailing two recently IPO’d closed-end funds which are trading at a sizeable discount to NAV now that buyers remorse has set in.

Where are the residential construction job losses ?

Once again, Calculated Risk does a great job tracking this issue. The answer appears to lie in quarterly revisions to the data.

ETF or No-load Mutual Fund ?

The Wall Street Journal has done some excellent analysis comparing the after-tax returns of ETFs versus low cost no-load mutual funds. The results may surprise you. A Close Race, a Surprising Finish Against Sleek ETF Rivals, Top Index Mutual Funds Use Ultra-Low Costs To Gain Performance Edge By IAN SALISBURY May 7, 2007; Page R1