End of Bull Market?

Do bull markets end with front-page stories in our newspapers? I doubt it.

VIX and more

Bill has a post on previous spikes in the VIX and the subsequent reversion to the mean.

Three 1% down days in 1 week

Bespoke has a table of previous returns following a week that includes 3 1% down days

August Edition – Brinker Fixed Income Advi$or

The August Edition of the Brinker Fixed Income Advi$or will be available at our website on Thursday August 2nd.

Idea for Blackstone

Daniel Gross at Newsweek has a great idea for the Blackstone Group. Since the stock is down more than 15% from the IPO last month, they could take the company private!

Housing update

Calculated Risk provides an update on the housing market.

Today’s Fed Chairman testimony

You can read his entire opening remarks.

Pending home sales

The May pending home sales – a leading indicator of existing home sales – fell sharply in today’s report.

2nd Quarter and YTD performance

Nice work by Bespoke Investment Group to put together this chart of ETF performance.

Housing inventory versus starts

Calculated risk has a good chart which illustrates why housing starts are likely to drop until the housing inventory building levels off and begins to decline. This could take awhile.

July 2007 Brinker Fixed Income Advi$or released

The July 2007 edition of the Brinker Fixed Income Advi$or is available on our website: http://www.brinkeradvisor.com/