The creation of money

Must read content on how money is created from James Hamilton at his Econbrowser blog. To follow what’s happened over the last 6 weeks, it’s necessary to add a few details to this basic story. For day-to-day fine-tuning of interest rates and the money supply, the Fed usually does not use outright purchases of Treasury […]

VIX and more

Bill has a good post with links to the various volatility indexes and CBOE option products.

Market internals

Put/Call data through close on 9/27/2007: 10-day put/call : .970 – down from peak of 1.309 on 8/6 (all-time his is 1.321 on 3/14) 60-day put/call : 1.074 – down from peak of 10775 on 9/18 (also the all-time high)

October 2007 Brinker Fixed Income Advisor

The October 2007 Brinker Fixed Income Advisor is scheduled for release on October 2nd.

R&D and GDP

Interesting analysis of R&D and its potential effect on GDP if it were included. Final 2nd Quarter 2007 GDP is 3.8% [link] August year-over-year core PCE is 1.8% [link]

Be careful with your 1031 exchange

This bloomberg report is a must read if you are using an intermediary for your 1031 exchange.

90/90 days

The Wall Street Journal has an article on 90/90 days and historical returns that is not to be missed.