FDIC questions

The Wall Street Journal online has a good FDIC Mythbusters article. Another good resource is the FDIC website.

S&P sector weightings

The good folks at Bespoke provide this updated chart of S&P weightings.

The last laugh

After a week like this a little laughter can’t hurt. Thank to Eddy for this.

2007/2008 Tax Year notes

In 2007, the two lowest tax brackets (10% and 15%) incur a 5% tax rate on capital gains and dividends. In 2008, it drops to 0% (yes, zero). The 0% rate extends into 2009 and 2010. The IRA contribution limit increases to $5,000 in 2008. Individuals age 50 or great can make an additional $1,000 […]

Kentucky Department of Revenue v. Davis

NYTimes has a summary of the Supreme Court oral arguments made in this case on Monday. The big question seems to be: Are munis more like milk or garbage? My best guess – and it is only a guess – from the questioning is that the court will send the case back to Kentucky with […]

Why are analysts more bearish today than at the beginning of the bull?

A good article at Bespoke points out that fewer anaylsts are bullish today (43%) than five years ago at the start of this bull market (55%). Hard to believe the bull market would end at a time when most people are bearish. At the end of the past bull market — in 2000 — 75% […]