Municipal Bond database updated 1/15/2010

Today we updated our muni bond database with more than 500 upcoming auctions totaling more than $27 billion in new deals spread over 44 states. The largest upcoming issues include: $3.5 billion – State of Illinois $900 million – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania $700 million – State of Arizona $500 million – State of Washington Unlimited […]

CPI Report – good news for FOMC members

Today‚Äôs CPI Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is welcome news to FOMC members. They appear to have won their battle against deflation for now. The headline CPI increased 2.72% year-over-year and the core CPI increased 1.82% year-over-year. The following chart illustrates the CPI rates over the past two decades.   What is especially […]

FOMC speech

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President and CEO Dennis P. Lockhart is a non-voting member of the FOMC in 2010. Yesterday he gave a speech to the Downtown Atlanta Rotary that I felt contained some valuable insight into the current thinking of some FOMC members. Below are some quotes from his speech with my thoughts […]

FOMC Minutes

Here are the December 15/16 FOMC minutes My takeways: economic activity improving capacity utilization still very low job losses slowing real PCE picking up housing steady foreign economies emerging from recession CRE conditions still deteriorating

January edition of the Brinker Fixed Income Advisor is available online

The January 2010 edition of the Brinker Fixed Income Advisor is online at This month we review our economic indicators and provide our view on the year ahead. Our 2009 Model Portfolio performance figures through year-end: Aggressive Portfolio + 33% Moderate Portfolio + 20% Conservative Portfolio + 14% Tax-Exempt Portfolio + 13% **this a […]