Financial Reform thoughts…

I have been asked about my thoughts on financial reform so let me put down some thoughts.  First, I was supportive of the bailout efforts in 2008/2009 not because I cared about Wall Street banks, but because a multi-decade economic collapse was going to be bad for everyone. As difficult as it was to ‘save […]

Updated municipal bond calendar > $20 billion

Today we updated our searchable online database of upcoming municipal bond auctions. Our database contains more than 700 upcoming new offerings in 47 states totaling more than $20 billion in securities. These include a $1 billion offering from the City of Chicago, a $700 million deal from the State of Illinois, a $592 million offering […]

FOMC Minutes – bullet points

The minutes of the March 16th Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting were released this afternoon. Below are the highlights: nearly all of the Fed’s special liquidity programs are closed and there are no market strains spreads on ABS (asset-backed securities) remains tight Fed’s balance sheet grew to $2.3 trillion All maturing agency debt and […]

March Employment report = +162000

This morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the March 2010 Employment Situation report. According to the initial figures, the economy added 162,000 new nonfarm workers during the month. In addition, the January and February monthly figures were revised upward by a total of 62,000. The Unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.7%, were it has […]

April edition is available online

The April 2010 edition of the Brinker Fixed Income Advisor is online at Our 1-Year Model Portfolio total returns through 3/31/2010: Aggressive Portfolio + 35.6% Moderate Portfolio + 19.8% Conservative Portfolio + 13.8% Tax-Exempt Portfolio + 9.9% **this a tax-exempt return**