Upcoming Municipal Bond Auctions

Today we updated our online database with 925 muni bond issues totaling nearly $37 billion. These offerings are spread over all 50 states. A few of the largest offerings include: $1.850 billion from New Jersey Turnpike Authority $1 billion from City of New York $1 billion from State of Colorado $850 million from Texas Public […]

December 2010 edition available online

The December 2010 edition of the Brinker Fixed Income Advisor is now available online for subscriber access. For the 1-Year period through 11/30/2010, our fixed-income Model Portfolios have returned: Aggressive Portfolio: + 11.8% Moderate Portfolio: + 8.5% Conservative Portfolio: + 7.6% Tax-Exempt Portfolio: + 4.2%  **tax-exempt return According to the November 2010 edition of The […]