Latest municipal bond offerings

This morning we updated our online database of upcoming municipal bond offerings. The data included more than 550 deals totaling $16.3 billion taking place over the next few weeks. The upcoming offerings are spread over 49 different states. Here a few examples: $3.7 billion – State of Illinois $500 million – State of North Carolina […]

U.S. Treasury yield curve spread analysis

There is increased attention on the level of U.S. Treasury interest rates now that rates have moved up and are nearing their highest levels from last year. The recent rise in rates from the current round of QE2 (or Credit Easing) from our fearless leader OB1-Bernanke and his band of freedom fighters is playing out […]

Bernanke speech … my observations

Today in Washington, D.C. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke gave a speech on the economic outlook and macroeconomic policy. Below are my observations from that speech: recovery appears to be strengthening – but not enough to bring the level of job creation necessary recovery is shifting into self-sustaining mode (out of gov’t stimulus mode) housing sector […]

February 2011 edition available online

The February 2011 edition of the Brinker Fixed Income Advisor is now available online for subscriber access. 1-Year Model Portfolio Performance Aggressive Portfolio      + 15.1% Moderate Portfolio         + 10.1% Conservative Portfolio   + 8.7% Tax-Exempt Portfolio     + 0.8% **1-year portfolio returns through 1/31/2011